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Weed Removal Services in Kamloops

Unwanted plants and grass emerging from cracks and crevices of driveways or sidewalks can be annoying and unsightly. They are also very difficult to remove in comparison to the weeds in your lawn. When you need to eliminate weeds in your home, contact the professionals at Bugs Gon. We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for your property. We offer professional weed removal services in Kamloops for driveways, gravel areas and sidewalks.

Please note that we do not provide cosmetic weed control services for lawns and gardens.

Types of Weeds

The three types of weeds we treat include:

  • Perennial weeds: The perennial weeds include daisies, thistles and dandelions. These weeds have complex root systems that help them grow every year. They are very difficult to remove as even after removing the root, if any part is left over, the plant will regrow.

  • Annual weeds: Chickweed and groundsel are some of the examples of annual weeds. These weeds take less than a year to complete their lifecycle but they spread their seeds quickly.

  • Noxious weeds: This includes knapweed, knotweed, clover, Japanese knotweed, yellow flag Iris, hoary alyssum and oxeye daisy.

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Traditional methods such as vinegar and hot water can be helpful for the removal of weeds but it is not a permanent solution. We have the right products and equipment to remove weeds and make driveways and rock areas weed-free. Contact us today.

You can also write to us using the form on this page.

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Keep Your Driveways Free from Weeds

Get in touch with us for removal of weeds from the cracks and fissures in driveways and rocks.

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