Rodent Control In Kamloops

A rodent infestation can cause massive damage to your home, office or warehouse. Rodents can destroy furnishings and spoil food, making it potentially hazardous. Some of the health risks associated with rodents are viral infections, Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, Hantavirus and bubonic plague. At Bugs Gon Pest Control (Kamloops) Ltd., we offer complete mice and rodent control in Kamloops to help you address rodent infestation quickly. Our skilled professionals can provide you with end to end extermination solutions to ensure that your rodent problem is resolved entirely. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Professional Rodent Control Services

Our professionals at Bugs Gon Pest Control (Kamloops) Ltd. are experienced at taking care of any scale of infestation. Whether you had a one-off unpleasant encounter with an uninvited rat that made its way into your home or you have been noticing several rodents in your premise, we provide comprehensive extermination for rodents to thoroughly sanitize your facility of any infestation.

We provide regular spray services to ensure that there is no recurrence. Our team has expertise in resolving problems related to rodent infestations by delivering practical and expedient rodent control in Kamloops. We can help in safeguarding and protecting your property from any future invasions by sealing and filling up the small cracks and faults in your construction that support rodents, pests and insects. By taking care of these faults in your walls and flooring, we can ensure that your home is protected against these potentially damaging rodent infestations. Get in touch with our experts today to rid your property of rodents.

When Do I Need Rodent Control?

While noticing a rodent in your property is reason enough to call for our rodent control services, there are certain signs that you may notice which indicate rodent infestation:

  • Tiny droppings in the house, especially near kitchen cabinets
  • Sounds of something moving or scratching a surface
  • Movement sounds at night as rodents are nocturnal creatures
  • Flickering lights as rodents may chew on wires
  • Chewed food packaging
  • Strange odours that continue to linger

If you have noticed any of these signs, it’s time to call your rodent control experts in Kamloops. We also offer structural pest control so that your property can be safeguarded against future infestations.

Why Get a Professional Involved?

Getting a professional to solve the rodent problem in your facility may seem a little far-fetched to you. You may think of it as an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, getting the services of a professional can help you save the cost that you would otherwise incur on repeated treatments.


With years of experience in this business, we have acquired the expertise required to solve any kind of pest problem that you may be encountering. At Bugs Gon Pest Control (Kamloops) Ltd., we start by assessing the extent of the infestation and advice you on suitable solutions as per your needs. After making a thorough inspection of the invasion, we carry out a comprehensive fumigation process to thoroughly sanitize and cleanse your home, office or warehouse.


We have established ourselves as the trusted provider of pest control and rodent control in Kamloops. Our broad client base is a resounding testimony to the quality and efficacy of our service. We provide best in class services at an extremely fair price. Call today for a quote.

Providing Cost-effective Rodent Control in Kamloops

We have a team of skilled professionals to provide customized solutions for all types of rodent infestations in your premises.

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