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Structural Pest and Bed Bug Control Services in Kamloops

Dealing with of pest infestations in your home? Our technicians at Bugsgon Pest Control Ltd. have more than 35 years of experience providing pest control services in Kamloops for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for pest removal or bed bug control in Kamloops, we tailor our services to suit your needs. Our team has all the equipment and know-how needed to get rid of bugs once and for all. Don’t compromise on your sleep! Connect with our team to get effective solutions to your pest infestation problems. Get holistic and efficient rodent, pest and bed bug control in Kamloops at affordable prices at Bugsgon Pest Control Ltd. Contact our team to book an inspection.

Why It's Important to get Bed Bug Control Service as Soon As Possible

Here are some reasons it is important to get rid of bed bugs right away:

  • They Reproduce - One of the most difficult aspects of getting rid of bed bugs and their infestation is dealing with their offspring. You are a food source for bed bugs, and the more they eat, the more they will reproduce.
  • Portability and transferability - Another reason to get rid of bed bugs right away, is that they can rapidly spread from one bed to another via clothing, luggage, bed linens etc. As a result, once these bugs have entered your home, they are likely to spread throughout.
  • Itchy rashes - Bed bug bites often result in itchy rashes that make you scratch now and then. The desire to scratch is often so great that you cannot restrain yourself, no matter where you are. These rashes may also leave unsightly scars on your skin. This is a crucial reason to eliminate bed bugs.

Holistic Pest Control Services

Our pest control services include monthly maintenance and pest control inspections for the following:






Maple Bugs (boxelder bugs)








Pharaoh Ants


Stink Bugs

Elm Seed Bugs

Chinch Bugs


Get in touch with us or read our FAQ section to learn about structural pest control services in Kamloops.


Bedbugs: Where Can You Find these Dangerous Pests?

Bedbugs are tiny, wingless insects that like to feed on human and animal material, usually at night time. They reproduce quickly by laying eggs, which can go undetected due to their size. It might be difficult to determine if you have a bedbug infestation because bedbugs don't live on their hosts, the way that lice do. They frequently hide and breed in places like the crevices of walls and furniture. If a bedbug problem persists for long enough, then their bites can trigger various reactions in your body, such as rashes, itching, infections, and even hives.


Here are a few places that you can look to detect if there is a bedbug situation on your property:

  • Seams, tags, handles, and buttons on all mattresses
  • On the wall under curtains, picture frames, loose wallpaper, mirrors, and books
  • Bedframe, hollow caster legs, and on the headboard
  • Behind electrical switchboards
  • Box spring mattresses and its plastic guard


Safe and Timely Removal of Pests

At Bugsgon Pest Control Ltd., we can provide bed bug control and removal in a safe manner for your property in Kamloops. In addition to our expertise in dealing with bed bugs, we can help you eliminate disease-causing pests like beetles, flies and more.


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Get in touch with Bugsgon Pest Control (Kamloops) Ltd. today for professional pest and bed bug control services in Kamloops.

Protection From Pests

If you are able to see insects or pests, then your problem has already started. Eliminate pests from your property before they damage it or affect the health and safety of your family. Have our team inspect the site and give you the right solution. You can write to us using the form on this page for an estimate.

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Bedbugs can Disturb Your Sound Sleep

Call our team to make your home free of bedbugs and other insects.

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